We believe in a more just and sustainable world for everyone

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The world is out of balance. The changing climate is harming our communities, and the poorest people are hit first and hardest by environmental disasters.

We are being hit with more floods, more droughts, and more extreme weather — and for many people that means less to eat and communities pushed into poverty.

Our generation are the only ones with an opportunity to act — because time is short. This responsibility belongs to us. 

Will you join us? Together we can rise to meet God’s call to love our neighbours, care for creation, and build a just and sustainable world for everyone.

What are we asking for?

In 2015, 195 countries signed the historic Paris Climate Agreement. Our world came together and agreed to halt global warming at 1.5 degrees to limit the damage, and to transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

We are calling on our elected leaders to live up to their agreement in these ways:

1. Every country must make a national plan to transition to zero emissions.

2. Invest in clean renewable energy, run locally so it reaches everyone, especially those in poverty.

3. Support sustainable agriculture to steward our natural resources and support the livelihoods of small farmers to provide enough food for all.

What can I do?

Join us and take action. Renew Our World is a worldwide movement of people like you, doing justice as we follow Jesus. We are a global community passionate about loving our neighbours and taking action on the world’s biggest challenges: to end poverty, injustice, and climate change.

We believe the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and environmental sustainability are the defining issues of our generation, and our response to them should guide how we live, how we vote, what we buy and how we pray. In our prayers and actions, we are voices for justice and God’s love. 

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After five month’s training in solar power engineering, four women in Tinginaput, India are transforming their remote village – bringing light and electricity to their homes. Female solar engineers are providing a new, “sustainable” path for development. (Credit: DFID.gov.uk/solarengineers)

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