Tearfund leads the UK Renew Our World campaign. In 2017 Tearfund gathered 5,000 people to call the Department for International Development (DFID) to shift their energy spending from fossil fuels to local clean energy for people in poverty. The campaign had a good response from DFID who have pledged an extra £150 million. Tearfund’s report Pioneering Power [link] researched the benefits of off-grid renewables to improve health, education, jobs and women’s empowerment, as well as the climate. In 2018 the UK campaign moved on to target the World Bank with the Lighting the Darkness campaign on clean energy - working with the Big Shift [link].

The World Bank is a much bigger investor in energy worldwide so shifting them could have even more impact. More than 16,000 people signed the latest petition to the World Bank!

The campaign is now building on this progress to put more pressure on the Bank to go further in investing more in off-grid renewables, which best helps people in poverty. Tearfund has been able to engage in sustained, detailed policy work on this issue, including launching a report Pioneering Power: Transforming lives through off-grid renewable electricity in Africa and Asia on the benefits of off-grid renewables such as solar power to improve people’s health, education, jobs and women’s empowerment, which has been received well by DFID, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the World Bank.

At the same time Tearfund are engaging supporters in the UK with prayer and lifestyle asks to fly less, drive less, switch to clean electricity and eat less meat.

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