Pray for Peru

Dear friends,

You have probably heard the news about the effects that the “coastal El Niño” is having in the coast of Peru. Heavy rains, flooding and landslides have taken lives away and destroyed infrastructure.

More than 120,000 people have lost their houses and more than 800,000 have been affected by this phenomenon.

The emergency has shaken a great part of the country. Food and safe water are scarce in many cities. Sanitation has become a big concern. Even the capital city, Lima, where no heavy rains were experienced, has suffered drinking water shortages because the flooding and mudslides clogged the water treatment systems.

The chaotic urban growth and the lack of appropriate risk reduction and urban planning have definitely contributed to this emergency. However, we can’t forget that climate change is another factor intensifying this event, and that this might be the start of more extreme phenomena because we are pushing creation beyond its limits

Please, we ask you to pray:

  • For all the victims and people affected in all the cities declared in state of emergency. For supernatural peace and comfort, and for water and food for them.
  • For the rescue work done by the army, the police and public brigadiers. For the work around the rivers that have overflowed their banks.
  • For the reconstruction work. For houses, roads, schools and hospitals to be recovered quickly. Hospitals are past their capacity in several places.
  • For the churches and organizations that are actively responding to the emergency and for God to awaken those that aren't.
  • For awareness to be raised about the importance of executing strategies in climate change adaptation and mitigation.
Thank you,

Paz y Esperanza, Peru

More information:

Paz y Esperanza (Peace and Hope) is an international Christian human rights organization dedicated to upholding and promoting justice for people and communities living in poverty or affected by injustice. Paz y Esperanza plans to launch the Renew Our World campaign in Peru on April 22.

[caption id="attachment_1191" align="alignnone" width="1024"] A woman is assisted while crossing a flooded street after the Huaycoloro river overflooded its banks sending torrents of mud and water rushing through the streets in Huachipa, Peru. Credit: REUTERS/Guadalupe Pardo[/caption]

Header image: A man gets rescued after a massive landslide and flood in the Huachipa district of Lima. REUTERS/Guadalupe Pardo

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