Campaigning on climate change works!

Just before the big climate talks in Paris in 2015, a wave went round the world. People in nation after nation stood together in solidarity to ask our governments to take climate change seriously, and agree to take more action together.

It was a beautiful moment. Churches united to pray and speak out together, and we took our place campaigning alongside people of all faiths and none - showing that the God we follow is a God who loves the people he made, and cares for the rest of his creation too.

This video from Micah Australia is from one of the first marches that happened that day, in Australia, and from the church service beforehand.

All those prayers and voices were powerful, and the Paris Agreement on climate change was a historic step forward. 195 governments promised to limit global warming as near 1.5 degrees Celsius as possible, closer to the safe level. They promised to do more to cut greenhouse gas emissions. They promised to transfer more funds from richer countries to poorer for low-carbon ways to develop and prosper.

It's good to remember that campaigning works! There's a lot more to do to make sure our governments keep their promises, particularly the visionary promise to get to a zero carbon world, and for each nation to produce a new, more ambitious plans for getting there.

We're praying and raising our voices together in the Renew Our World campaign to make sure they do.

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