All over the world, the climate is changing

In many parts of the world, climate change is a lived reality.

It's not something that might happen in the future, it's a day to day struggle.

We asked some of our friends around the globe what climate change means to them. This is what they had to say:


‘We had two weather patterns which could be specified clearly – winter (the cold season) and summer (the hot season). It feels like we have one season (hot) now.’ Rev Mvula, River of Life in Malawi

‘For centuries, Ethiopia used to be said to be the water tower to neighbouring countries because of the water potential it was endowed with. But the volume of many rivers has been decreasing. Now the recurrence of drought has increased. It has now become almost a yearly phenomenon.’ Tesfaye Legesse, EMWACDO Ethiopia

‘We do not get enough rain in time. It is coming late and the last three years there was almost no rain. Then, last year, rain came later and caused an unbearable flood.’ Sunil Raphael Boiragi, Salvation Army Bangladesh

‘Climate change had negative effects in Zambia. This was more true in 2015 and 2016. Zambia is experiencing a drought that has had an impact on many things including electricity generation due to low water levels in rivers and dams (nearly all of Zambia's electricity is hydro-generated). Reduced foreign earnings due to reduced mining has led to the weakening of the local currency by almost 40 percent which has led to a rise in inflation which has impacted food prices. Ultimately, this has affected the poor more as they are struggling to meet their daily needs.’ Martin Kapenda, Micah Challenge Zambia

'My country Rwanda has a population of farmers and cattle keepers. 70% grow up in villages, and they all depend on the providential rain and sun. The cultivation of land, the sowing, the harvesting all depends on the predictable rain and sun showing up on time. Everyone knew how to read the sky and act accordingly. The changes and unpredictability of rain, the violent rains, have killed people. I lost 3 children of my nephews in one night due to landslide. Anxiety about my extended family not having food for the next season goes with me.’ Joseph Nyamutera, Micah Challenge Rwanda


This is why we're mobilising the church to pray and take action on climate change. Join the Renew Our World campaign and be part of it.