Church Eco-citizen Forum: Stewardship of Creation

The belief that our redemption in Christ Jesus covers the whole of life motivated churches and Christian organisations to join in the city of Camaçari, Brazil to reflect on how the Church should engage with environmental issues.

The event, called Forum for Eco-Citizen Churches - United, Sustainability and Solidarity Economy took place at the Second Baptist Church of Camaçari, on 21 and 22 July. The program included biblical reflections, good music, workshops and panels on solidarity and waste economy versus water resources.

The time was ripe for the launch of the Campaign Renew Our World in the State of Bahia in Brazil, which was made by Lucy Luz, representing Tearfund. On the same occasion was the launch of the School of Faith and Politics Bahia, plus one share of Tearfund in Bahia lands.

The Forum was organised by the Second Baptist Church in Camaçari, Palms Park Baptist Church, Baptist Church Mount Moriah and Second Baptist Church of Candeias. As well as these churches, it relied on the participation and support of many organisations and movements such as: Tearfund, Reindeer / BA, Service Centre and Integral Development - CADI, RPJ - Movement Kingdom of Peace and Justice, Carvalho Institute of Justice, Ecumenical Service Coordination - EESC and Solidare Institute. 

According to Evandro Alves, vice president of Solidare Institute, the current way we consume is unsustainable: "The church has an important role in raising awareness and also to promote care for creation and the environment."

As well as him, the Forum was led by the singer Roberto Diamanso, Professor Adriano Braga, the representative of the EESC Dimas Galvão and the representative of Limpec - Environmental Sanitation Company of the City of Camaçari, Mr. Ademilton.

The opinion of the organisers and participants is that the event exceeded everyone's expectations, both in terms of organisation and quality of content submitted. As a result, everyone left with a commitment to work for the organisation of a Permanent Forum of churches and organisations committed to the care of creation.



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