Can a stove be beautiful?

Can a stove be beautiful? We think Langar’s is. With support from SSEWA-Pak in Pakistan, Langar and her husband Mana Ram have constructed a fuel-efficient stove, which has made a helpful difference to their daily life. Not only is the stove cheaper to run and better for the environment, but less smoke in the house makes for healthier lungs too.

With four sons to feed, Langar does a lot of cooking. She says this stove is twice as efficient as her previous one, enabling her to cook both bread and tea in the morning before everyone goes off to work – saving time!

Langar says: “We can’t afford gas, so this is a good option for us. We don’t have any issues with smoke in our house now.”
The Society for Safe Environment and Welfare of Agrarians in Pakistan (SSEWA-Pak) works to empower people experiencing poverty and marginalisation in Sindh Province through the Community Capacity Development Program. It works mainly through Self-Help Groups, developing the capacity of the groups through training and support.

SSEWA-Pak is providing training and helping people like Langar and Mana Ram access 1,000 stoves like this one.

Thanks to Renew Our World member TEAR Australia for this story.

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