Renew Our World launches in Zambia!

The Renew Our World campaign was recently launched in Zambia. The launch event was held in the Anglican Cathedral in Lusaka.

This exciting and pivotal moment in the campaign was attended by 78 people from cross-cutting sections of civil society. Attendees were drawn from the media, government officials, church leaders and academic institutions.

There was a real sense of excitement in the room as the Zambian Minister of National Guidance, Hon Godfreda Sumaili, launched the Renew Our World Campaign.

Church leaders called on the Zambian government to prioritise funding for sustainable agriculture in order to grow prosperity amongst the people and conserve the invaluable Zambian natural environment. Many churches are actively training members in sustainable farming methods. Local church communities and their neighbours are bettering their quality of life from the produce growing in these initiatives.

The Rev Martin Kapenda of Micah Zambia, one of the Renew our World campaign partners, called on all Zambians to emulate the churches by growing their own food using sustainable agriculture techniques. “Whether you grow a small amount in a pot in your room or come together with your neighbours to farm a large piece of land, all Zambians can produce food and improve our environment.”

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