Using The Worship Toolkit

We Heart Worship

At Renew Our World, we love how our national campaigns contextualise

the Christian voice for justice. We long for the interconnections between people, planet and God to be strong.

The campaign also breaks down into two 'Global Moments' each year. This is when we come together and raise our collective voices at times of strategic importance. We are excited that in over a week the first Global Moment of 2018 will take place! This will be when the Renew Our World worship song will be released at the Micah Global consultation.

Our prayer is that this song will help lead the global church in worship, prayer and action for a safe climate and the renewal of our world.

To get us ready for the release of the song, we thought we would let you know about the worship toolkit we have prepared! The toolkit will give you tips and ideas on how to organise a worship moment in your church or community.

Have a read of the toolkit here and you can get planning your worship moment. We particularly encourage you to use this toolkit from September to November in the lead-up COP24 in Poland. Amazing things can happen when we pray, seek God and ask Him to move on behalf of the world's poorest communities.

And now on a lighter note, which one of these worship poses will you pull as you worship along with the Renew Our World song?!