Renew Our World Launch in Mozambique

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The Renew Our World campaign was recently launched in Mozambique, organised by Renew Our World partner Kubatsirana.

This exciting milestone in the campaign was attended by 300 people from right across society. Participants came from churches, youth organisations, academic institutions, national media, local and international NGOs, and even the Department of Environment and Rural Development

Attending the launch was the Provincial Director of Land, Environment and Rural Development, and the Chimoio Municipal President.

Waste Management Campaign

The Renew Our World campaign expects to grow in the coming months, into more of Mozambique's cities.

Church leaders in Chimoio urged civil society and government to take action on climate change because the effects are pushing communities beyond their capacity to respond.

Across Mozambique, many are struggling to feed their families. Staple subsistence crops are approaching the edge of their viable temperature ranges as the land gets warmer. Erratic rainfall patterns and changing seasons are upsetting agricultural cycles. Along the coast, rising sea levels are causing the flooding of crops, and contaminating water supplies and land with salt water.

Here are some ways in which you can play your part in tackling climate change:

Sing: We are looking to bring people's songs of worship to the COP24 climate talks in Poland this December. Record your own version of the Renew our World song and post it on social media with #RenewOurWorld. We will collate all the videos and play them at COP24.

Sign: Sign this petition calling on world leaders to step up their climate commitments for the world's poorest people.