Week of Prayer in Peru

We contacted some young people from 13 different cities in Peru to lead the Week of Prayer that ran from 3 to 9 June. We asked them to lead this week in their cities, so that they could meet, share and pray, following a guide that we had prepared for the event, in churches and university campuses. Some ran creative ecological awareness activities on university campuses, others organised meetings at their churches to talk about environmental issues with videos, or on a topic related to a case of violation of indigenous rights that occurred 10 years ago in Bagua, in the Amazonas region of Peru. This problem began with the action of the Government, which regarded the Free Trade Agreement with the United States and laws promoting extractivism as more important than the common good.

As the Renew Our World team in Peru, we see this involvement as a new step in the work we have been engaged in for the past year. It is a tangible result for us, achieved through the individuals who led the week in their cities. Some of these young people are doing an ‘Ecotheology’ course with us, and we know that they are gaining a better understanding that, addressing this subject and taking issues of ecological justice on board is part of the prophetic voice that Christians need to exercise.

For more than a year, we have been working with students from the Peruvian Association of University Evangelical Groups - AGEUP (a member of IFES), raising awareness and consciousness about the socio-environmental problems that affect us as a country, a region, and worldwide, but we have also been working on the way in which this is connected with our faith.

For many Christians in our country, and in the Latin American region as a whole, it is difficult to perceive the relationship between environmental justice and evangelical faith. Many see it as an earthly matter, and it is not on most churches’ mission agendas.

As a result of this journey, we have created the Week of Prayer that included a guide containing information on environmental problems in our country: case studies, populations, policies, laws, other information, and prayer requests.

This Week of Prayer took place from 3 to 9 June, and we would like to share some photos of the meetings with you. We also ask you to carry on praying for the campaign in our country: pray that God will continue opening doors in churches and other places for us to continue with our work.

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