Climate Change in Mozambique

My name is Rui Antoninho António, and I am a Mozambican, resident in the city of Chimoio. I work for Kubatsirana, a Christian ecumenical association, in the Church and Community Mobilisation and Training project supported by Tearfund.

In recent years I have observed how humankind has turned its back on nature, forgetting that she is our mother and our life. Human beings have become nature’s predator, making her their prey. There are so many wrongdoings, from poaching, unbridled tree-felling, uncontrolled burning, to the use of plastic and many other things, that they are, at breakneck speed, destroying the innocent mother nature that God provided for us without conditions.

I cannot believe that all this barbarity is happening as a result of humankind’s naivety, but it is indeed as a result of ignorance that human beings are acting like this. We have forgotten that God created the world and put us in the world to rule over all creation, as stewards.

The effects

In my country, Mozambique, the negative effects of climate change are visible and are already causing harm to people’s lives. Irregular rains, strong winds, droughts and floods, and many other things, are the result of human action. Some of the phenomena that I mention have already led to bereavement and pain in Mozambican families, as in the recent case of cyclones IDAI and KENNETH.

Every human being was created in the image and likeness of God. We are all called to change our behaviour, so that we can care for the creation that was entrusted to us as kings, with wisdom, through clean-up campaigns (litter picks), tree planting, talks on advocacy and awareness-raising about care for creation and, above all, prayer, which is our main weapon for fighting these evils. We Will Renew Our World!

Let us make a healthy environment for everyone.

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