Time to Act for our Common Home

The climate crisis continues to cause devastating impacts in many places around the world. This is especially affecting the poorest and most vulnerable communities.

Climate change has become one of the greatest challenges for those of us who dream and fight for a society in which we can live a fulfilled life, free from pollution, violence and human rights abuse.

The cry of the earth reminds us of our insensitivity, permanent silence and passivity in the face of those political decisions and practices of coexistence with our ecosystem that undermine environmental rights, increase inequality and cause great barriers in the fight against poverty

Therefore, in the context of the XXV Conference on Climate Change (COP 25) - convened by the United Nations - as members of our Christian communities, committed to the defense and care of creation, we address to you, political leaders of the countries, gathered in this event to demand urgent action, especially in the following:

  • Greater and more effective political commitments in favor of the planet.
  • Compliance with the delivery of financial assistance to act on climate change.
  • More effective actions to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, to avoid reaching the 1.5 degree increase.
  • More sustained mitigation and adaptation plans for climate change.
  • Greater attention to the demands and needs of the populations and environments most affected by climate change.
  • Changes in the current economic model that continues to favor rich countries and continues to pollute and maintain dependencies on countries with less economic income.
  • Changes in the extractivist policies of the South countries, which continue to accentuate local pollution and, therefore, damage the planet.
From the worldwide prophetic evangelical community we reaffirm our commitment to live sustainably, to raise our voices to defend the people most affected by the climate crisis, and to intercede with our God for the health and restoration of our common home.