Week 1 at COP25

It has been a busy week for the Renew our World team at COP25. We have met many people over the past few days and have been networking with other organizations and authorities. These are valuable meetings to tell people about the Renew Our World campaign.

The first week of COP25 has been a busy week for the negotiators too as they seek to present their proposals and to negotiate the final agreements. As a civil society group it has all been about advocacy involving public stunts, presenting policy documents and attending press conferences. All to tackle the climate emergency.

Here are some of the things we have been up to 1) A 2.5-hour lobbying meeting in the Brasilian Pavilion talking to the Brasilian government; 2) Meeting with Latin American youths who are apart of COP25; 3) We also attended the ‘Rally for the Climate’ on Friday evening where roughly 500,000 people marched for a brighter future. We attended the march with other faith-based groups.

At the end of the week, we had a meeting in the Evangelical Spanish Church. Here we presented the campaign to some fellow brothers and sisters who wanted to know a bit more about the things people of faith are doing around the world. The pastors were keen to know how Christians can get involved with the campaign.

This second week is going to be decisive. Inside the COP25 the Parties are going to present their plans and also the NDCs they are proposing.

We really ask you to be praying about these decisions. In particular for the Renew Our World team here to be able to advocate well, and that we ask our governments to be more ambitious in the decisions they finally take.

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