Back in Court to Save Atewa Forest

Renew Our World Ghana's campaign to protect an ancient forest from a bauxite mine is at a vital stage

Atewa Forest in Ghana is an ancient forest. It's the source of drinking water for around 5 million people. It's a nature reserve with huge biodiversity, including some species which are found nowhere else. And of course it helps the climate by absorbing carbon dioxide.

A Rocha Ghana are leaders in a movement of 90 groups taking the Government of Ghana to court. They say mining in the Atewa Forest Range violates “the right to life and dignity as enshrined in articles 13 and 15 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana which includes the right to a clean and healthy environment as well as the right to have the environment protected for the benefits of present and future generation.”

They're also asking for the nature reserve to be declared a protected zone, and then for the government to protect it, as well as paying to restore the damage done by prospecting for the mine.

Ghana has bigger bauxite reserves that are not in ancient forests. 

Please pray for victory in the case and for Atewa Forest to be preserved, and for A Rocha Ghana's Director Dr Seth Appiah-Kubi to make his points well in court.

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Explore the forest in this beautiful film

Hear the background in our 2021 podcast with Dr Seth

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