COP26 Kick Off!

David Rossiter outlines how you can take action with Renew Our World in the lead up to COP26.


So here we are, roughly three weeks out from COP26. 

On the 31st of October, the UK will host the UN climate summit COP26 in Glasgow. Governments of practically every country will come together to make plans for tackling the climate crisis. Decisions made will affect us all – especially those living in poverty who bear the brunt of the climate emergency. Through prayer and action, we can all play our part in making this a significant milestone as we tackle climate change together.

Whether or not you’re in Glasgow during COP26, there are plenty of ways you and your church can get involved. Here are a couple of useful resources to help guide your advocacy and prayers for COP26.


1. Please sign our 'Reset 21' petition calling on world leaders to commit to a clean and fair recovery from the pandemic. In particular, we are asking that they: 

  • Reset extreme inequality, starting by cancelling debt payments to give poorer countries financial breathing space.
  • Get the world on track for the safer level of 1.5°C warming, starting with pandemic recovery plans and climate commitments.
  • Reste damage to creation to help prevent the next pandemic, starting with forests.


2. Grab a hold of our COP26 prayer guide. This guide gives 8 prayer points that you can use in the 8 weeks leading up to COP26. Each week you will find an explanation and information on COP26. There are then a couple of prayer points for each week and an interactive prayer guide that has been designed by 24-7 prayer.


3. Follow our social media channels over the next few weeks and in the weeks during COP26. We will be talking about the asks of our petition on the website and will be releasing a number of COP26 podcasts to keep you up to date on the negotiations. During COP26 we will have prayer updates and videos live from the conference from our campaign partners. 


That's it for now. Let's keep the pressure on the decision-makers so we can achieve some great results for the poorest communities.