New year, same Climate Emergency

Megan Hermes outlines some of the key moments for climate action in 2022.


We know that 2021 was heralded as a pivotal year for Climate Action, but we know now that COP26, while progress did not achieve justice for those who need it most. So what now as we leave 2021 behind and look ahead to 2022? 

Here’s some of the key moments for climate action that are coming up this year to mark in your calendars. 


United Nations Environment Assembly 

When? End of Feb to early March

Where? Nairobi, Kenya

What? A conference dedicated to the question of whether negotiations on an urgently needed global plastic pollution treaty will finally begin. 


The UN Conference on Least Developed Countries (LDC5) 

When? Date to be confirmed!

Where? Doha, Quatar

What? A conference that happens once a decade, LDC5 includes high-level roundtables for the 46 countries rhat are considered least developed. These countries are home to 13% of the world’s population and around 40% of it poorests and those most vulnerable to the climate emergency. The talks are in place to discuss unique and urgent issues facing LDC’s and the support needed to promote necessary economic growth without endangering already fragile ecosystems and diminishing natural resources. 


Middle East and North Africa Climate Week 

When? 28 February- 3 March

Where? Dubai, UAE

What? The first of it’s kind, organised by the UNFCC (UN Climate change committee) this event is a significant miletsone in the lead up to COP27. Hosted by the UAE Government with support from the UN and other national agencies the week will focus on regional climate action and collaborations needed to build climate resilient economies and societies and integrate climate action into continued pandemic recovery. 


UN Biodiversity Conference 

When? 25 April- 8 May

Where? Kunming, China 

What? The delayed 2020 conference is due to take place this year, now in two parts. The first held in late 2021 helped to set up the conference in this spring. The initial meeting included the adoption of tge Kunming declaration, that called on countries to negotiate and agree on a global biodiversity framework, and the establishment of the Kunming Biodiversity fund which saw commitments from France, the EU, Japan and others. This spring will marka  a major moment for the adoption of this new framework, it is set to include 21 targets and 10 ‘milestones’ to be achieved by 2030, with net improvements by 2050. 



When? Date to be confirmed!

Where? Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

What? 7-18 November 

COP27 this time hosted on African soil is a chance to put the needs of vulnerable nations above the interests of rich countries. There will again be a big emphasis on climate finance, and on loss and damage. 


XV World Forestry Congress 

When? 2-6 May

Where? Seoul, Republic of Korea

What? Last year our Reset21 Campaign called for the restoration of damage to creation, starting with forests. We know that eliminating emissions from deforestation and promoting regrowth could reduce global net emissions by up to 30%. This congress will focus on the theme ‘Building a green, health and resilient future with forests’ and discuss key themes such as reversing forest loss, sustainable use of nature based solutions, forest resources and forest monitoring and data collection. 


For a full list and up to date information on events in 2022 see the UN website.