Paz y Esperanza (Peace and Hope) lead the Renew Our World campaign in Peru, working with CEDEC - Evangelical Coalition Creation Defenders (including Vida Abundante Association, Methodist Peruvian Church and Lutheran Peruvian Church), Warmis Association and Peruvian Fellowship of University Evangelical Groups AGEUP (the Peruvian branch of IFES, the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students).

A highlight of the campaign was an event across six cities that engaged Christian students and Christian leaders around creation care and climate change, many for the first time.

Waste-picking events were one lifestyle action taken as part of the campaign. Peru is also working on conferences for young people to hear about their cities’ environmental challenges and agree what they can do to protect them, and who else they can work with.

The national campaign launched in late 2017, focusing on the need to raise awareness about environment, creation care and climate change in churches as issues Peruvian churches rarely give teaching about.

The campaign joined the Citizen Movement Against Climate Change (MOCICC), which played a big role in getting Peru’s Climate Act passed in April 2018, the first climate change law in South America.