Together, We Must Care for Creation

A call from faith leaders for corporate accountability

We've signed a joint faith leaders' letter about irresponsible corporate behavior. Companies have a lot of power both for good and for bad, and we're welcoming the EU's proposed Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive to prevent and cease harmful impacts for people and the earth from corporate activities.

This draft European law is a result of years of campaigning by civil society and faith groups and is very welcome. But it needs to be stronger, so that it covers the whole of corporates' environmental impacts and ordinary people can get justice more easily in response to any damage, and covers more than the largest firms.

Praying for the world, Peru

We're also calling for consultation with local communities to make sure the law serves the most vulnerable well, particularly women and indigenous people.

The statement is being coordinated by our Roman Catholic friends at CIDSE, and we were asked to sign by our friends the Church and Mining Network in Peru, where mining is a major cause of deforestation and of violation of the human rights of indigenous people. 

Read the full statement here


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