Prayer walk around the world

Prayer walk around the world

The Renew Our World campaign launched in UK with a prayer walk organised by Tearfund.

Together as Christians we want to Renew Our World to help the world’s poorest people who are affected by climate change, by joining in prayer and action.

Trump Quits the Paris Agreement

As I watched President Trump announce that he’s pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, I felt massive disappointment. I thought about all the people this will affect, and one in particular came to mind, a Malawian man named Fambi. He’s married with six children, 3 girls and 3 boys, and works as a farmer, and I remembered him because I heard his story just ahead of the Paris climate talks at the end of 2015.

Campaigning on climate change works!

Just before the big climate talks in Paris in 2015, a wave went round the world. People in nation after nation stood together in solidarity to ask our governments to take climate change seriously, and agree to take more action together.

Meeting my Member of Parliament

Jack Wakefield tells the story - Last October I took the daunting step to organise local people to meet our Member of Parliament, and quiz him on Climate Change. It was daunting because I had never met my MP before; my only communication with him was signing petitions or sending letters on behalf of charities and causes, so I had no idea how it would go.

Climate Justice with Mick Pope

We all want to be able to flourish in our lives, right? How can we ensure everyone around the world has enough to eat, clean water to drink, and aren’t living in dire poverty... and in fact more than that; are able to flourish?

Australia launch

Australia launch

Renew Our World has launched in Australia with multiple events in major cities, including most recently at Surrender, the largest gathering of its kind with more than one thousand young Christians focusing on social justice and radical discipleship.

Zambia launch

Zambia launch

The Renew Our World campaign has launched in Zambia with two events bringing together Christian pastors for prayer, fellowship and action. Martin Kapenda is the National Coordinator of Micah Zambia, and leads the Renew
Prayer Walk in Europe

Prayer Walk in Europe

As a Christian network, we believe that prayer plays an important part on the way towards a more sustainable and just world.

We prayed for those heavily affected by climate change and started symbolically at the Embassy of the Fiji Islands who are also leading this year’s international climate negotiations. We also prayed at places representing different institutions and Member States of the European Union.

Pray for Peru

Pray for Peru

Dear friends,

You have probably heard the news about the effects that the “coastal El Niño” is having in the coast of Peru. Heavy rains, flooding and landslides have taken lives away and destroyed infrastructure.

CONIC Brasil

O Conselho Nacional de Igrejas Cristãs do Brasil, CONIC, que tem como objetivo a promoção das relações ecumênicas entre as igrejas e o fortalecimento do testemunho conjunto das igrejas-membro na defesa dos Direitos Humanos, apoia a Campanha Renovar Nosso Mundo.

One Planet

Let’s just say, just purely hypothetically of course, I know it’s completely ridiculous - but what if we had, only ONE planet, just one.

One planet to live on. One planet to breathe and eat from. One planet to make our day upon, make our way upon, make our cities upon, to sink our teeth into, one ocean, one sky, one people, one life. One time that we can make this right…

2016 was the record warmest year

It’s official. 2016 was the hottest year on record, and it’s had a devastating effect on people living in poverty.

It’s the third consecutive hottest year since records began in 1880.

The announcement was made by NASA and the US's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).