CONIC Brasil

O Conselho Nacional de Igrejas Cristãs do Brasil, CONIC, que tem como objetivo a promoção das relações ecumênicas entre as igrejas e o fortalecimento do testemunho conjunto das igrejas-membro na defesa dos Direitos Humanos, apoia a Campanha Renovar Nosso Mundo.

One Planet

Let’s just say, just purely hypothetically of course, I know it’s completely ridiculous - but what if we had, only ONE planet, just one.

One planet to live on. One planet to breathe and eat from. One planet to make our day upon, make our way upon, make our cities upon, to sink our teeth into, one ocean, one sky, one people, one life. One time that we can make this right…

2016 was the record warmest year

It’s official. 2016 was the hottest year on record, and it’s had a devastating effect on people living in poverty.

It’s the third consecutive hottest year since records began in 1880.

The announcement was made by NASA and the US's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Dried Up, Drowned Out - faith in a changing climate

Climate change is changing seasons in many poor countries to devastating effect, such as ruining harvests for people like Emmanuel, featured in this film. There are more floods, more droughts, and less reliable rain, and for many poor communities that means less to eat and more uncertainty.

For the Love of

For the Love of

Some of America's leading evangelical worship leaders and recording artists are raising their voices in the global movement for climate justice.

Christian artists William Matthews, John Mark & Sarah McMillan, and Stephen Roach (lead singer of Songs of Water) went to Paris to the United Nations Climate Summit (COP21), where they created a film aimed at inspiring millions of Christians who sing their songs every week in church congregations across America and the world.

Renew Our World launch day in Nigeria

Renew Our World launch day in Nigeria

On 1 March, the campaign in Nigeria got off to a great start with radio interviews, action and prayer.

Prayer was held with CRUDAN and RURCON, two of Tearfund's partners who work around clean energy and implementing sustainable agriculture programmes in the country.

Renew Our World Has Launched!


Beginning on the first day of Lent, March 1st, Renew Our World is calling on Christians across the world to join in prayer to help the world’s poorest people to flourish and be resilient in the face of climate change.

Why We Care (Por Que nos Importamos)

Why We Care (Por Que nos Importamos)

A esta altura, é impossível ignorar a mudança climática. Esta é a realidade especialmente para aqueles que vivem na pobreza. Os países mais pobres estão testemunhando como o clima está mudando e como as pessoas estão sofrendo. As secas e as ondas de calor tornaram-se mais quentes e mais intensas. Os agricultores enfrentam dificuldades para cultivar. As inundações e os furacões estão destruindo comunidades. Para muitos, perguntar se a mudança climática realmente está acontecendo não é a pergunta que deve ser feita. A pergunta certa é como interrompê-la e sobreviver à ela.

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